Mentoring means guidance or support that a competent, experienced and recognized person gives to a younger improvement-minded person. Through mentoring a bond is formed, where the mentor and the protégé exchange information and experiences on some topic. The relationship is founded on mutual openess, trust and commitment to a common goal.

The annually organized mentoring project acts as a link for the exchange of information, thought and experiences between an already graduated, more experienced person already in working-life and a improvement-minded student. The experiences have been positive and appreciated by both the mentors and the protégés.

Especially we hope for more Indecs alumni participation in mentoring. For practical reasons living or working in the Tampere area is beneficial for the purposes of arranging meetings.

The mentor gets from mentoring:

  • An interested conversational partner in regards to work and worklife related matters
  • A valuable link to grassroots university scene
  • Information on new trends
  • An understanding of the competencies of our soon-to-be-graduates

The protégé gets from mentoring:

  • A valuable contact in work-life
  • Practical information on a field that interests them
  • An experienced view on their career plans
  • Motivation and tips for study

More information on mentoring from the Corporate Relations Responsible of Indecs:

Leevi Törölä

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