Alumni of Tampere Industrial Engineering and Management

Alumni of Tampere Industrial Engineering and Management was founded in the year 2002. Alumni was founded on the suggestion of the students of Industrial Engineering. An active alumni community was regarded as a necessary link to a changing work-life. An opportunity to see old friends and refresh memories would be afforded to graduates.

Alumni is developing into an active community and in the near future two meetings are to be held annually. One in the autumn and one in the spring. The autumn meeting is to be held in Tampere, for example in Teekkarisauna, so alumni can refresh their memory of student life. The spring meeting, Alumni Wappu Punch, is held in Helsinki usually in the premises of a company. Many alumni move to Helsinki so it is sensible to hold the event there to guarantee as many can attend as possible.

Alumni have their own board. The board is responsible for organizing events. The board is chosen annually. Alumni is supported by Indecs, the guild of Industrial Engineering and Management, whose Alumni Officer is responsible for the development of alumni activity on the part of the board of Indecs.

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Annual calendar

February: 1. alumni letter
April: Wappu alumnievent 1 week before Vappu in Helsinki
May: Alumnitent in the Koskipuisto during Kaste
June: 2. alumni letter
September: Alumnicottage on the first weekend of the month
October: 3. alumni letter
November: Tampere alumnievent on the first week of the month

In addition to these, the aim is to organize smaller and shorter notice alumni events every year, which are communicated in the alumni’s Facebook and Linkedin groups.

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By joining alumni you are once again a part of the bunch, its activity and its spirit. We aim to meet regularly and develop alumni further. Join / update your information on our alumni database. Your information is used only for the purposes of Indecs and Alumni and will never be given to third parties.

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If you have ideas for Alumni, contact the Alumni Officer at or if you have more general feedback use this form.